Logistics is set for a policy push. The focus: multi-modal transport and costs

The National Logistics Policy and the Multimodal Transportation Bill aim to bring down the cost of logistics from around 14% of the GDP to 9%. While the industry says such intervention was long due, stakeholders emphasise that outcomes will depend on how policy translates into implementation.

Back in June 2016, India rose by 19 places from rank 54 to 35 on the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index. Experts credited the jump to improvement in infrastructure, emergence of a pool of skilled professionals, and adoption of tech-enabled services such as tracking of shipments. The cheer was short-lived, though. Two years later, India was at 44, to cut costs,” says logistics consultant Shankar Kuppuswamy. “If you see the safety standards of these vehicles, we are way behind other countries.” Insiders also call for a more inclusive industry, with parity in wages and better living and working conditions for drivers which will help solve 15% to 20% of driver shortage. ( Graphics by Mohammad Arshad)


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